TutorsRx is proud to offer innovative and individualized tutoring for each student

Are you a student who is struggling in the fields of science or math? 

Are you at all frustrated with your classes and the material?


Do you feel overwhelmed with your course load and like there is just too much to learn and not enough time?


If so, let TutorsRx be your prescription to academic success.

What does this mean for our clients?

We believe that in order to achieve academic success, students need a mentor who can relate to them, who can understand their unique learning style, and who can make complex subjects easy for anyone to understand.

Our philosophy is based on simple and sound principles that allow for students to develop quickly in their areas of study.

Our tutors are dedicated to the success of each student, not only do we help you form the right study plan, we help hold you accountable to achieve it. 

We work with a spirit of collaboration, meaning that no question is too dumb to ask, and we will stand by your side every step of the way till you succeed.

Our program is goal driven and focused on student academic achievement, so we make sure students get the most learning possible with each session.

We believe in uncompromising integrity, so we will never sell tutoring sessions that we don't consider necessary to the growth of each student.

Our tutoring philosophy is both simple and impactful

We will provide:

  • Thorough assessment of academic strengths and opportunities

  • Plan of action to achieve academic goals

  • Outstanding Tutors who are also dedicated mentors

  • Simple and easy to understand tutoring for science and math students of all grades

  • TutorsRx's Free4All Program donates one hour of free tutoring for every four hours of paid tutoring

  • Your student will reach their goals, plus they help underprivileged students as well

TutorsRx provides the best individualized tutoring program

Quality is our highest priority, so when we choose to take on new clients, we want to ensure you will truly benefit from our services. Please apply below to be considered for our individualized tutoring services and we will respond as quickly as we are able to.

Each student served contributes to underprivileged communities 

We look forward to prescribing you the best learning plan for your education needs!

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