Meet the TutorsRx Team

Jaclyn Anderson, Founder

Jaclyn has always had a love for science and math since her early childhood and over the past 11 years tutoring, she has made it her mission to help others learn about these important subjects. Now as an aspiring doctor and second year medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Jaclyn founded TutorsRx to make learning about these subjects easier for students in Denver and Aurora, Colorado.


In the past, aside from her tutoring experience and achievements in medicine, she has taught general chemistry courses at California State University, Sacramento, and presented original organic chemistry research at the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, MA.


Currently she is a full time medical student, she volunteers as a program coordinator for the Colorado Dermatologic Society, and she coordinates the direction of TutorsRx while also still making time herself to personally tutor students who are in need.

Rick Anderson, CPA, Director

Rick has always had a passion for education, the study of personal development, and the science of creating leaders in modern society. He has been serving clients as a CPA in the education industry since 2013, but accounting is not his only passion. He personally believes that the best leaders, are the ones who help others find the leader within their self. Rick was brought on board to the TutorsRx team to do exactly that. 

In the past, Rick was President and Treasurer of his social organization Sigma Pi, and Vice President of Beta Alpha Psi - an honorary accounting career networking organization.


Currently he works as a senior consultant in public accounting, does one-on-one career coaching for college students, and oversees the accounting, outreach, and leadership programs of TutorsRx.

Melissa Laughter, PhD, Research Leader

Melissa is a third year medical student at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she received a BS in Chemical and Biological Engineering. She then attended the University of Colorado, Denver where she joined a biomaterials/tissue engineering lab and received her MS in Bioengineering. She went on to receive her PhD in Bioengineering with a focus on stem cell micro-environments and cellular scaffolding. She has multiple peer-reviewed publications in top engineering journals and has taught a polymers in bioengineering course at the graduate level. Her expertise are in molecular biology, applied math, and physical science. 


Her love of teaching and love of science has let her to mentor for Girls in STEM as well as tutor for the undergraduate Bioengineering program. She is extremely excited to be a part of TutorsRx and be able to do what she loves while giving back to her hometown.

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